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Project Management (Windows Forms Application)


Project Management windows forms based application helps to manage the process and activity of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling resources, procedures and protocols to achieve specific goals in scientific or daily problems.

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  • User access control

User access control module provide the basic access mechanism to software with 100% sql injection proof. Company can also maintain the records of own employee, client etc.

  • New Project Creation

When user create an new project than module required only few details about the project. This module also contains some sub module

  1. Contents ModuleThis module collect and show the information about the project time line and progress of complete project. If any information previously save about the project then module fetch that information from the database and show to user. 
  2. Other Details ModuleThis module collect and show the information after completion of project. This module show the information like Date completion, Document Number, Source etc.
  3. Cost ManagementThis module manage the cost of project which is/will received/receive from customer. This module automatically calculate cost receive/d from customer.
  • Project Task Management

    This modules maintains the various task of project. This module also contains some sub module
  1. Resource Management This module manage the various resources use in project and also maintains the cost of these  resources to further finance process in project.
  • Finance Module [Incomplete Module]

  • Other Module

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